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Trident is the official emblem of Ukraine - the golden trident on a blue background.
Ukrainian flag consists of two equal horizontal bands of blue and yellow colors. These colors symbolize the wheat grown under the blue sky.
The state language of Ukraine. Ukrainian language - the official language of Ukraine. Most of the citizens of Kiev also know the Russian language. Most hotels/apartments in Kiev as all over Ukraine staff speaks English, and at the same time staff of premier hotels owns several foreign languages.
Currency of Ukraine - Hryvnia (UAH) - was provided into circulation in September 1996. In the back of a banknote 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnia.
Kopeyka. 1 hryvnia = 100 kopecks. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and coins of 1 hryvnia.
Ukraine Total area: 603, 700 square meters. km. Ukraine - the second largest country in Europe after the European part of Russia. Administratively Ukraine is divided into 24 regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The country has access to the Black sea and Azov Seas, on its territory there are two mountain ranges: the Carpathians in the west and the Crimean Mountains in the south of Ukraine.
Kiev is the capital of Ukraine
Kiev was founded by three brothers Kyi, Schek, Horiv and their sister Lybid more than 1500 years ago in 482 AD. Kiev - one of the largest cities in Europe with a population of about 2.6 million inhabitants. The city is situated on the banks of the Dnieper River, which empties into the Black Sea.
Coat of arms of Kiev is the image of the Archangel Michael, who is considered the patron saint of Kiev.

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Open Joint Stock Company Shipbuilding Plant "Liman"

Open Joint Stock Company Shipbuilding Plant "Lyman" (until August 2000 - the Black Sea ship & mechanical plant), as an independent company arose from the workshops of Nikolaev sea port in 1886. For many years the main activity of the enterprise was - repair.

Since 1933, the specialization of the plant began to change. Besides the traditional ship repair plant began construction of dumb barges, floating dock, lighters made of steel. The plant was organized by the production of steel structures for hydraulic structures.
The main customers of the plant at that time were the company of the former Soviet Union working in the construction of ports and waterworks.
In the early 90-ies the company undertakes to carry out the construction of yachts. In our shipyard built two of the same type motor-sailing schooner type AQUATON-88 (length 26,7 m). It was the first Megayachts built on the former Soviet Union, but no longer dependent Ukraine. One of these yachts is currently training schooner Spanish naval forces. Produced construction of small fishing vessels for fishing enterprises in the region of the Black and Azov Seas. This project had the support of the Government of Ukraine and funded by the innovation fund.
At the plant begin to contact customers who bought the old decommissioned military boats with a request to reconstruct and upgrade them. And the plant begins to repair, modernization and renovation of decommissioned boats. At the same time at the factory being established manufacturing and installation of furniture for such boats. Some of these projects were motor yacht Mriya project for renovation of 09,111 and motor yacht "Buran" project for renovation of 09111b. Through such projects, the renovation works began to receive the first experience in working with fine woods, the experience of working with expensive materials, paint for painting the body, the experience of the installation of ship systems and equipment. Gains experience in processing and packing of teak on the deck.
In 1995 the factory was privatized and reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company. With the advent of the new owners, in addition to traditional activities added production sailing, sailing yachts and boats for various purposes from steel, plastic and aluminum alloy.
Since 2000, the main activities of the enterprise is the construction of yachts. But now ship repair is not a small part of the work, and the plant pays for it is not enough power. Because through this we maintain the possibility of recourse to us customers for repair and maintenance is mega.
2000 is perebrendirovanie company in OAO NW Liman. At the plant receives proposals for the construction of yachts longer than 30 meters from the steel and aluminum alloy.
In summer 2002, is laying the first sailing megayacht luxury class.

Nikolaev Night Club

Illusion, Night Club
54001, Moskovskaya Str., 9
582-158, 582-121
Night Club “Illusion ”was opened on Dec. 24, 2004 and is one of the largest in the city of Mykolayiv. During the four years of successful operation of club created its own unique image and won the title of the best nightlife of the city. Also club is well known far beyond the Nikolayev.

After the extensive reconstruction in the summer of 2008 the club had installed additional lighting equipment, set the video wall of 16 plasma screens, on the second floor was installed additional bar was revised policy of the club, the significant role given to the advertising company. The club took the direction to the active development of the nightlife, the main priority of which are performances of stars of the European level. Management has successfully embodies the motto of the club: "We - the heart of club life."
The new interior, more sound, light, powerful laser will make your holidays even brighter. But to create the mood will be residents of our club: DJ Stas Latishev and DJ Prometey, as well as the entire staff of the nightclub.

Monarch CLUB
54001, Admiral Makarov Str. 60
477-756, 477-754
Club "Monarch" - one of the oldest clubs in Ukraine. It was developed not only a fundamentally new kind of entertainment, leaving out the popular dance-competition venues in the city of Nikolayev, but also arises the special atmosphere of cultural and leisure activities.
The club is located in the heart of the city: on the street. Admiral Makarov, 60 (entrance from the street. Soviet).
A bit of history: founded in 1995 as a place of private recreation businesses, club members were only wealthy people. In the concert program at the opening of "Monarch" attended the then famous singer Bogdan Titomir.
During his time in the club there were famous artists such as Agutin and Varum, Lagutenko, Allegrova Leps, Muliavin, Makarevich, Tolkunova and others who gave their talents, creating an excellent atmosphere for the visitors of this institution. This alone commends the club "Monarch" as one of the best cultural and recreational centers.
Since 1999, the club opened its doors to a wide range of public middle and higher income. Since that time, he works as a club-restaurant.
Almost around the clock in it you can relax, have a good time: from 9.00 to 21.00 - in a bar and restaurant, from 21.00 to 5.00 - at a nightclub. In the warm season in the open area, which is located in the center, a pedestrian street of the city, up to 70 visitors at a small table with upholstered rattan furniture can have a cup of tea, a glass of cold drink and a snack while being in the midst of bustling life around.

Salvador Dali, NIGHT CLUB
54018, October Ave. 28
Music, music, music ... Dance, dance, dance ... All this you can see in a nightclub "Salvador Dali" and not only see but also to take part. Come and dance with us! Cuisine: European.
Daily party.
Regularly at a night club "Salvador Dali" concerts of stars not only of Russian, but also the world stage.

TURBINE, Leisure Centre
54028, Cosmonauts Str. 81 / 2
586-858, 584-325
Entertainment center "turbine" in Mykolaeiv started its work in summer 2007 goda.Za two years of the institution has established itself as a place where you can quality and variety to spend your leisure time.
In autumn 2008 the center took a course on the development of club culture of the city within its walls, and actively implement the various projects the same way with the participation of top DJs and stars of the country abroad.

Storm Bowling Club
54055, Sadovaya Str., 4 and
Capacity of the club: 200 Speakers: Electrovoice, 7 kW. Quality lighting equipment.

54001, Shevchenko str., 64 / 2 and

Adrenaline-CLUB CASINO
54017, Sovetskaya str., 11 b

Nikolaev Admiralty.

Admiralty in Nikolaev 61 Communards name office building of the oldest ship-building factory of name. It settles down on left to river bank Ingul and plays considerable town-planning role, closing the wide and well planted trees and shrubs Garden street and serves as the composite centre of the area generated on its crossing with Admiral's street in Nikolayev. The admiralty surrounded with considerable architectural monuments, is successfully entered in historically developed ensemble, focuses it on Garden street. It is promoted by the volume-spatial composition of construction constructed on акцентировке its main axis by tower with spike.
Nearby, on the area, settle down: administration of the central area, evening college and old naval barracks.
As a matter of fact, this new building of admiralty. The old building settled down a little more to the right and has been destroyed in the Great Patriotic War. Now from it the fragment was saved only.

The problem of ecology in Nikolaev city

Mykolaiv - city in southern Ukraine, the administrative center of the Nikolayev
In honor of the city was named an asteroid, open the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.

Environmental problems Nikolaev typical of many cities of Ukraine: water pollution, atmosphere, groundwater, drinking water quality, noise, waste management, conservation of biological diversity in the city.
Water bodies Nikolaev - River Ingul and Southern Bug, Dnieper-Bug estuary - feel the human impact. In the estuarine waters of the Southern Bug and liman Ingul decreases the presence of water. Among the pollutants exceeding the maximum allowable concentrations were observed on the content of petroleum products and synthetic surface-active substances. Due to the absence in metallurgical, chemical and coal industries, Nikolaev is not among the regions with a high degree of air pollution. The main contributors to air pollution contributes vehicles.
One of the most acute problems is the question the treatment of solid waste.
In the city with 17 objects of nature reserve fund with a total area of about 12 km ².

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Resorts in the Kherson region

With its natural and climatic conditions Kherson region belongs to the best territories in the world. Kherson region has access to the Black Sea, accounting for more than two hundred kilometers of the Sun Coast with beautiful beaches and a well-developed resort infrastructure. The picturesque backwaters of the Dnieper, forest land has long been to the liking of hunters and fishermen, the supporters of sailing and just travelers.
Activities in the Kherson region an opportunity to get into a legend, a living legend of music and beauty, sports and entertainment, which is an annual international festival of Tavria games. By combining different types and genres of the performing arts, sports, recreation, Tavria games are colorful, sparkling celebration of carnivals and fireworks in which there are pop stars from different countries, prominent Ukrainian politicians, managers, beauties who take part in the competition for the title of Queen of Ukraine . In Skadovsk are all sorts of children's festivals.
Therefore, Kherson extremely generous fruit and vegetables, melon and grapes. Local giant watermelons in its taste and medicinal qualities known almost all over the world.
Generous southern sun pours sweet juice hundreds of diverse fruits, ranging from the usual cherries, strawberries and ending elitist grapes. Numerous reservoirs, both natural and artificial, are rich in fish, crabs, children are trafficked along the roads. You can verify this by choosing holidays in the Kherson region.

Seaside Village Iron Port is located in one of the cozy seats of the Black Sea coast. To the west of it originates Black Sea State Reserve, on the east - resort area about 100 kilometers in length.
Activities in the Iron port pleasant and useful because of the warm sea, beautiful beaches, curative mud of salt lakes nearby. The abundance of fruit and fish make it a unique place for recreation and health promotion.
Town Azure is a seaside resort in the area Skadovsk. Here, about 30 bases and camps. Very clear azure sea. The beaches here on the composition and structure of the sand, the slope of the coast did not yield the beaches of the most high-ranking Bulgarian resorts. Holidays in Alpes very quiet with virtually no night life. But for lovers of fun spending time there are many bars, and all along the coast.
Pearl on the banks of the Lower Dnieper exactly styled New Kakhovka.
New Kakhovka - the youngest city in the Kherson region.
The development of the city is connected with the construction of Kakhovska gidroelektrostintsii.
Nobody can remain indifferent to cozy shady streets, pine forest, a large landscaped park on the picturesque Dnieper.
Skadovsk famous resort of Ukraine in the Kherson region. Rest in Skadovsk specialized - is a children's resort. There are children's camps and resorts. Like specifically for children here the sea is very shallow, warm and safe, at a distance of 50 meters and even more depth to the entire zone for an adult. Rest in Skadovsk very useful due to the air, which is saturated with ions of bromine and iodine.
Kherson - industrial and cultural center of the region, one of the greenest cities in the south of Ukraine. Founded in 1778 by Prince Potemkin, Kherson borrowed its name from the ancient Greek city Chersonesos.
Kherson - the edge of Cossack's liberty.
The pearl of a city's architecture, its central part, is the street Suvorov. The list of outstanding cultural and historical sites is a definite place and the Park of Glory Alley of Heroes.
The city has a botanical garden, dendroparks and other sights of nature.

Ochakov in Nikolayev region.

Ochakov— city in the Nikolaev area of Ukraine, administrative centre of Ochakovsky area. It is located at coast of Black sea, near to mouth of Dnepr. Seaport on Dneprovsky estuary.

History of Ochakov. Ochakov has been put in 1492 by the Crimean khan Mengli of I Gireem, on place of the Lithuanian fortress Dashev, and originally was called the Penalty-kermen.

In 1493 Bogdan Fedorovich Glinsky at the head of the Cherkassk Cossacks has grasped just building the Crimean Tatars fortress Ochakov.

In 1526 the fortress has taken over osmanli Turks (Silistria) and was called round. Özi (Achi-Kale).

In 1737 the army of the Russian empire has besieged Ochakov, considering it as the main advanced post at northern coast of Black sea. Ochakov was is taken by marshal Hristofor Minihom, but year has been left later and passed Turkey.

The second siege of Ochakov has occurred in 1788 and has been sung in Derzhavin's ode. By then the city garrison totaled 20 thousand soldiers. The fortress was defended by 300 guns. In the western suburbs the lock settled down Gassan-plough (Cape battery).

During two-day battle 17 — on June, 18th, 1788 near Ochakov the ships of Russian flotilla and Suvorov's coastal batteries have been burnt by brandskugel and are sunk 3 64-gun ships, 2 40-gun and 3 32-gun frigates, 5 small courts. 1 ship (renamed in «Leonty the Martyr», it took part in battle at cape Kaliakrija in 1791) is grasped. 1673 persons are taken prisoner. Turks have lost more than 5 thousand persons the killed. Losses of Russian party: 2 officers and 16 bottom ranks are killed, 10 officers and 57 bottom ranks wounded.

After defeat of Turkish squadron not received the support, the fortress besieged and blocked from the sea Ochakov was storm is taken by G.A.Potyomkin's armies.

In 1792 Ochakov became Russian fortress.

In 1855 Ochakov has been grasped by the English-French armies, but then returned Russia.

In Soviet period in city the naval and military helicopter base settled down.

C 1991 — the Ukrainian city, resort and naval base.

Museums. Military-historical museum of name And. V.Suvorov

The museum of name of P.P.Schmidt is destroyed (part of exhibits has been transferred to the former Palace of Pioneers)

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