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Olvia in Nikolaev region

The territory of historical and archaeological reserve "Olvia" (s. Parutyne Ochakivsky Mr. Nikolayev region.) Covers the remains of their own city (the area that survived - 33 hectares, about 20-25 hectares destroyed waters Bug estuary), necropolis (300 hectares) and ancient Greek settlement on the island. Berezan (Ochakovsky district, protected area about 20 hectares).

Reserve Status Olvia came in 1926 with 1938 reserve is a part of the Institute of Archeology. It has a small museum, collections of archaeological materials (over fifty thousand units), research library, exhibition architecture and construction remains of ancient days. Display remains the fortress walls, residential quarters, a Roman citadel of Western and Central temenosiv, burial crypt and others.

Headed Reserve LM Slavina (1938-1971 biennium), NI Bogatyreva (1972.1973 years), SD Kryzhytskyy (1974-1981 biennium), AI Kudrenko (1982-1994 years), VI Yakovenko (1994-1998 biennium), GS Lysikova (since 1998). In seventy years in the reserve are conducted regularly work with conservation and restoration of architectural and building remnants, as well as guard the excavation sites, which threatens the destruction of estuary waters.

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