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Road Nikolaev Odessa

Roads in Nikolaev and Odessa-Nikolaev are in terrible condition this moment.Last time they were renovated in 2004, companies made its repair almost fulfilled its obligations.

There is no technology that would allow roads to stand for 15-20 years without repair in Ukraine. And those technologies that have been, were brought from Kiev, from Odessa, using Nikolaev technological capabilities. Moreover, the only laboratory, which is in Odessa, checks the quality of road surface, the quality of asphalt concrete and gave high evaluation.The Mayor of Nikolaev reiterated that the city authorities intend to take credit in the 20-25 million hryvnia in the repair of city roads.

Power say that has no money for repair. This will not only patching, but the overlap of the roads, which have suffered most. Mayor think 20-25 million would be enough to bring the city to "travel" status. In order to improve the quality of roads, the mayor is ready to involve independent experts and contractors to determine the results of the competition.- We will not look - utility or no utility.Quality and cost will determine the performers - assured gull.Who will be the lender is not yet clear. Negotiations with "Ukreximbank" Bank "Forum" and "Moscow". It is possible that soon will be involved several banks.In addition, the Mayor of Nikolaev ready to turn to newly elected President, because of problems - abound, and they are boiling.The mayor believes the anomalous situation where "the State through its three bank can not issue a municipal loan" to the city was acceptable to his credit resources.Banks give loans at 30% - "Come tomorrow and take", but on the shoulders of the urban community, it will form an intolerable burden. For Nikolaev be acceptable credit for a maximum of 20-22%, the mayor said. Which bank will go to such conditions, he probably will and the creditor.

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